Victoria-based The Half Moon Shine will play Char’s on Friday, Aug. 11. SUBMITTED PHOTO

All-female western/rock band play Char’s

Victoria-based The Half Moon Shine will be stopping in Port Alberni Friday, Aug. 11.

The Victoria-based, all-female country band, The Half Moon Shine, will be stopping at Char’s Landing on Friday, Aug. 11 as part of their “Pretty Good for a Girl Band” tour.

The Half Moon Shine is made up of four women who each write songs and play instruments, playing everything from classic doo-wop, spaghetti western, folk and surf rock.

“We started off as a very classic country sound but as we’ve kept writing its kind of evolved and spread out,” said Julia Knight, band drummer, trumpet player and vocalist. “We’re always heavy on the vocal harmonies and we all kind of trade around instruments too.”

Forming in 2015, this will be The Half Moon Shine’s first tour, where they’ll play shows from Victoria and around Vancouver Island to Calgary.

“We’ve been playing locally in Victoria since we’ve started and have yet to branch out and play elsewhere. So this is our introduction to the world outside Victoria,” Knight said. “Were finishing up a CD now so this (tour) is kind of pre promotion for that.”

From a live show, Knight said audiences can expect original songs, a lot of vocal harmonies and a few ripping guitar solos.

“You’re getting some really lovely perspectives and different sounds from each writer,” she said. “The fun juggling act of instruments is always entertaining as we’re passing things around.”

The band will be touring with Cayley Thomas, a singer-songwriter out of Edmonton.

“She’s definitely going to be a thrill. I’m excited to watch her every night of the tour, she has a fantastic presence on the stage,” Knight said.

Ticket’s for Friday’s show are $10. Show starts at 8 p.m.