Sci-fi art show at Art Matters Art Centre

Two Port Alberni artists held an artist’s reception for their collaborative gallery on Sunday

Artists Winter Darbey and Jen Fisher-Bradley held an artist’s reception for their collaborative gallery, “The Birthplace of Unseen Stars” on Sunday.

The science-fiction show had a number of guests in costume, as Starfleet Deep Space Port members were present to provide an extra “out of this world” element.

“The Birthplace of Unseen Stars” tells the story of an alien race called the “Seers.” The storyline behind the artwork is quite elaborate, featuring a ship called the “Randomizer,” with robotic tentacles, and Queen Tahi-Hiranna, the overlord of the Seers, who carries a hive city in her hair.

“We decided we wanted to do a show together, and decided on a science fiction theme,” said Darbey. “It happened very spontaneously,” said Darbey. “With a lot of it we were kind of going as we went.”

Much of the show was very collaborative—for example, Darbey and Fisher-Bradley combined their artistic mediums on one painting, called “Rogue Star.”

“I did the figure and lines, and then Jen did the painting,” said Darbey.

“The Birthplace of Unseen Stars” will be on display at the Art Matters Art Centre at Harbour Quay for the month of May. Both large and small prints will be available for purchase at the Art Centre.