5 things Port Alberni’s new – and only – pest control expert wants you to know

Ally Pest Control offers full-service pest control for local homes and businesses

After a decade of calling in out-of-town support for pest problems, Port Alberni residents and business owners can now count on one of their own.

After years of success at the helm of Vancouver Island’s oldest bed bug heat treatment company, Terry Dobson was urged by clients to expand his coverage to other pests.

“For years we’ve provided bed bug treatments throughout the Island and clients would ask us if we could also look after ants, wasps, rats and other pests as well,” Terry explains. “Now, with Ally Pest Control right here in Port Alberni, we can!”

As a family-owned business, Ally Pest Control prides itself on providing exceptional service, paired with extensive knowledge and experience. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. The correct treatment starts with a free consultation to assess the scope of the problem and create a plan to quickly and effectively rid your home of pests.
  2. Recognizing this is your space and you want it free of unwanted guests, Ally’s fully licensed and insured pest control professionals will use the most environmentally friendly products available to eliminate pests safely and effectively. Depending on the pest and location, Ally has a variety of options available, including all-natural treatments, thermal remediation heat treatment and more.
  3. Here on the Island, especially near the water, rats and mice are prolific and their effective removal requires more than simply setting out a trap. With a variety of solutions at Ally’s disposal, “not only will we make sure to get rid of all the rodents, but we’ll also track down the trouble spots around your home or business and fix and seal them to prevent new access,” says Owen Charlesworth, Ally’s pest control technician.
  4. Like the four-legged pests above, ants are common on the coast and can invade every corner of a home. Some, like odorous ants, don’t bite but can quickly multiply as they infest surfaces and food areas. Other ant species, however, may actually attack the structure of your home and use it for food. “Because each species requires a unique approach, professional treatment is recommended,” says Owen.
  5. While spiders play a vital role in the West Coast ecosystem, many people don’t want them inside their home. Terry and his team work to minimize the use of toxic chemicals while removing a spider infestation – and preventing future problems.

“Since we opened up last week, we’ve had nothing but good response – people are thrilled to have pest control right here in the Alberni Valley again,” Terry says.

Questions about pest control in your home or business? Book your free assessment online or call 250-918-8203. “No job is too big or too small.”

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