SD70 school naming and renaming process to be developed

School District 70 is working on a process to move forward with renaming A.W. Neill Elementary School.

Earlier this year, the issue garnered debate because of Alan Webster Neill’s support of residential schools and anti-immigration policies.

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School District 70 (SD70) trustees discussed the issue in-camera during a school board meeting on Tuesday.

Rosemarie Buchanan, SD70 trustee who has spearheaded the renaming, said the board wants to be cautious and create a well thought out process for naming and renaming schools.

“It’s an extremely sensitive topic,” Buchanan said. “It’s just a matter of trying to figure out how to make this policy work.”

In June, SD70 trustees adopted an administrative procedure that outlines steps needed to either name or rename a school.

Any procedures and protocols developed will eventually be presented at a school board meeting and public consultation will be initiated.