LETTER: Horgan has decision to make over Clark’s vacant seat

To the Editor,

In the B.C. legislature, in the past, John Horgan would make comments about Christy Clark taking too long to announce by-election dates and by not doing so, left taxpayers in those ridings without any representation.

Christy Clark resigned from being B.C. Liberal leader, and also resigned from her MLA seat, officially on Aug. 4.

That means that a by-election must be called to fill her vacant MLA seat. Now, is John Horgan an honest John or a dishonest John?

With Christy Clark resigning her MLA seat that will leave the B.C. Liberals with 42 seats to the NDP minority government with the B.C. Greens at 44 seats.

Horgan must have a by-election date with in six months after Clark’s resignation.

Horgan can stall this date as long as he wants to make sure that he has a majority vote for the September/fall sitting of the legislature. This would make him a dishonest John.

John should relate to his past comments about Clark taking too long to call a by-election and call a by-election as soon as possible. This would make him a honest John. Or will John fail to realize that “what comes around, goes around.”

Joe Sawchuk, Duncan