Letter: Steam Train fares too high: writer

McLean Mill Steam Train fares are way too high…

To the editor,

McLean Mill Steam Train fares are way too high.

The train should be no more than $10 and free for children and seniors, and that should include admission to the mill.

The current prices are outrageous, no one with kids or even single can afford it. The loss leader on the train will help fill them with more people who have money in their pockets to visit the Mclean mill.

If the mill does much better with the reduced fares they can help the train. The train has no where to go without the mill or at least the restaurant. The Mill has little traffic without the train.

A sawmill is not that much of an attraction these days, as it is located outside an urban centre and new generations like density, and socializing, and rubbing elbows, with lots of options to walk somewhere else. That is why attractions in urban settings do so much better.

An inexpensive train to the Mill including admission would probably do wonders for the numbers.

For the same amount of money it takes to take the train and visit the mill ($45) can take one from London to Edinburgh!

Jonathan Lapstrakey,

Hamilton Ontario.