Letters of the week- March 23

EDITORIAL: Diversity breathes new life into Alberni Valley

Local manufacturing brings hope to Port Alberni’s economy

Letters of the week- March 23

EDITORIAL: McLean Mill Society deserves Port Alberni’s support

The political in-fighting over McLean Mill National Historic Site needs to stop.

Editorial: City focus on Port Alberni’s Johnston Rd a good direction

Johnston Road is an important corridor for tourism and for residents of the Alberni Valley, as well.

Editorial: Is Alberni’s second-hand reputation out of control?

South Port hasn't been able to shake its poor-cousin reputation when it comes to development.

Editorial: bullying not solved by pink shirts

Schools across Vancouver Island were bursting with pink last week

Editorial: Liberals’ PST cut good for business

Cutting the cost of Provincial Sales Tax on electricity to large industry and business is a good move on the BC Liberal government’s part.

Editorial: Pool project needs will of the public

Council is still talking about replacement of the 50-year-old Echo Pool, but the city should not have to take on this project alone.

Editorial: we need our emergency services

Port Alberni city council is looking for efficiencies in its 2017–2021 financial plan, which will translate into cuts.

Editorial: agriculture deserves its spotlight

Hosting the IAS last weekend served to strengthen partnerships between local stakeholders behind the scenes....

Editorial: Do we expect too much from plows?

Perhaps we are expecting too much of the city's snow-clearing crews.

Editorial: vigil a sign we really need each other

A hastily-planned vigil in solidarity for Muslims across Canada following a shooting at a Quebec City mosque drew 60 people.

Editorial: Arts, culture necessary for us to thrive

An arts, culture and heritage event in the Alberni Valley showed that the arts sector cannot thrive on volunteerism alone.

Editorial: Sproat Lake residents need a voice

It's time for the ACRD to speak up for the more than 800 residents who live at the lake.

Editorial: Southport needs post office

Fairway has provided a postal outlet in a corner of its 10th Avenue store, and has been a pickup place for parcels for many years.

Editorial: we must all anneal rift over Neill

We should approach the possible renaming of Neill Street or AW Neill School as a positive move forward.

Editorial: Resolutions we’d like to see in 2017

New year resolutions we'd like to see from the City of Port Alberni, the public and the school district.

Editorial: Be vigilant for fires this Christmas

Fires are devastating at any time, but they seem more tragic during the holidays.

EDITORIAL: Cantimber, a tale of caution

Port Alberni’s municipal leaders should take the Cantimber saga as a warning and a guideline for future industry on the city’s waterfront.

Editorial: Why are so many hungry in our city?

The numbers of people—and especially families with children—using the food bank has risen again this year.

Editorial: This gift can’t be bought but it’s vital

Canada Blood Services needs 100,000 new blood donors before the end of March 2017.