EDITORIAL: MLA-elect Scott Fraser inches closer to a position of power

Incumbent MLA Scott Fraser’s reign of the Mid-Island continues as the BC…

  • May 11, 2017

EDITORIAL: Heritage projects put country’s history in perspective

We applaud more than 100 students who celebrated history at the 15th annual Heritage Fair.

  • May 9, 2017

The only wasted vote is a vote not cast

As we head to the polls May 9, there is only one…

  • May 8, 2017
Beaver Creek Community Hall celebrates 70th birthday
Regional Heritage Fair in Port Alberni
17th annual Alberni Valley Museum Heritage Fair
Port Alberni celebrates business excellence

EDITORIAL: Could US tariff threaten Alberni jobs?

It is difficult in Port Alberni not to equate the announcement that…

  • Apr 27, 2017

Editorial: Environment gets our votes

Environmental issues should matter to all political parties, because voters care

  • Apr 25, 2017

EDITORIAL: No pardons for past pot problems

Should the federal Liberals create a blanket pardon for past pot possession….

EDITORIAL: Cycling here to stay in the Alberni Valley

The Alberni Valley will celebrate Earth Day on Saturday, April 22 by…

  • Apr 18, 2017

EDITORIAL: RCMP spreads word on opioid crisis

The RCMP is doing their part, the public now needs to do theirs

EDITORIAL: Multi-use path a positive for Port Alberni

Grant is not just about bike paths: it’s about connectivity.

EDITORIAL: Diversity breathes new life into Alberni Valley

Local manufacturing brings hope to Port Alberni’s economy