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Courtney & Anglin: See how heat pumps will save you money!

One of the cool things about the beautiful Comox Valley is the climate – not too hot, not too cold – it’s just right!

In this episode of Black Press Media’s Impress Real Estate TV, hosts Bill Anglin and Michele Courtney explain how heat pumps work, and why they’re an excellent heating and cooling system for the Comox Valley.

“Many of the people who come into the valley are used to electric furnaces or gas furnaces or even baseboard heating,” Michele says.

“But the great thing about a heat pump is it gives you air conditioning in the summer and a really efficient heating source in the winter,” Bill adds.

Bill and Courtney demonstrate how a heat pump works, and explain how it is an energy efficient way to heat and cool your home.

“A heat pump is a very economical way to heat or cool your home,” Michele says.

And retrofitting your house is extremely easy with heat pumps as well, our hosts say.

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