LETTER: Where did Port Alberni’s iconic banners go?

It’s funny how you get so used to seeing things in a certain place and in a certain way…

  • Apr 17, 2019

LETTER: BC needs to build on timely care

After years of government inaction on wait times for surgeries…

  • Apr 17, 2019

LETTER: B.C.’s speculation tax is a wealth tax when it comes to second properties

Ingrid Rice is a cartoonist who lives in North Vancouver

  • Apr 15, 2019

LETTER: Rails not trails on Vancouver Island

I do not agree with getting rid of the train and creating bike and walking trails…

  • Apr 10, 2019

LETTER: Thunder in the Valley deserves to return to Alberni Valley’s airport

Airport is the perfect place for proper 1/4-mile drag racing strip, says racer

  • Apr 3, 2019

LETTER: No need for media alarmism over climate change

To the Editor, Re: New green deal offers hope to youth, AV…

  • Apr 3, 2019
Port Alberni hosts highland dancers
Port Alberni Soccer Day 2019
Orca Whales in Alberni Inlet
Gathering Our Voices 2019-Drum Project

LETTER: Eco-balance does not include seal cull

We have not seen any increase in seals or sea lions, but we have seen a decrease in fish…

  • Apr 3, 2019

LETTERS: Student demand to stop carbon fuel use can’t be achieved

Nuclear power is the only technology that would do it quickly

  • Apr 2, 2019

LETTER: New ‘green’ deal offers hope to youth concerned about climate chaos

Our young people are on fire to save their future

  • Mar 27, 2019

LETTER: Coastal LNG not popular with everyone on Vancouver Island

I do not want the Steelhead LNG project in Barkley Sound…

  • Mar 20, 2019

LETTER: Steelhead LNG stoppage in Bamfield needs to be permanent

I am a landowner and permanent resident of Bamfield…

  • Mar 20, 2019

LETTER: How many ‘nice to have’ projects does Port Alberni have to cut?

There are people who strongly oppose the train and McLean Mill, but I remain a supporter

  • Mar 20, 2019

LETTER: Communities play key role in understanding dementia

The Alzheimer Society of B.C. thanks the people of the Alberni Valley…

  • Mar 13, 2019

LETTER: Port Alberni’s council made right decision to shutter tourist train

In 20 years, municipal taxpayers have covered a $9 million cumulative operating shortfall…

  • Mar 6, 2019

LETTER: Poster pans political party propaganda

James’ performance was a perfect example of why I despise political parties…

  • Mar 6, 2019

LETTER: Fishers need to stop fishing, not focus on west coast seal and sea lion cull

Seriously, it’s no secret humans are overfishing and the oceans of the world are threatened…

  • Mar 6, 2019

LETTER: Writer misses better times in Ash River valley

Lately my ability to access the valley has become so limited by restrictions and locked gates…

  • Mar 6, 2019

LETTER: Alberni writer learns hard lessons over mail service

I am writing this letter in the hopes that the same sort of thing won’t happen to someone else…

  • Feb 27, 2019

LETTER: Would Green New Deal work for Canada’s LNG debate?

Tom Fletcher, in his piece on Liquified Natural Gas (LNG), has missed the point…

  • Feb 20, 2019

LETTER: Clearcuts, dull scenery no draw for visitors to Alberni Valley

One year, the forest would be full of mushrooms under tall canopy…. next year, only a clearcut…

  • Feb 20, 2019