From individual pieces comes the big picture of a financial plan

From individual pieces comes the big picture of a financial plan

3 steps key to keeping your financial plan on track

There’s a new face at Port Alberni’s AV Financial, but it’s one many in town will recognize!

Born and raised in the Alberni Valley, Michelle Cheetham has known AV Financial’s Aaron Vissia since they were children, so when the opportunity came to join the team, it was the perfect fit.

Bringing a lengthy background – 25 years! – in financial planning, Michelle was excited to join AV, where she can provide clients with a comprehensive kit of financial planning tools.

In addition to financial planners like Michelle and Aaron, AV Financial also provides clients professional services including bookkeeping and tax preparation.

“We’re able to offer clients peace of mind. Your financial plan is like a puzzle and you need to have all the pieces to put it together,” says Michelle, also a passionate curler who you’ll often see at the local rink with family and friends.

Why your plan is different from your neighbours’: That puzzle metaphor? While that’s true for everyone, the final picture it reveals is unique to each individual, and where they are in life.

“We really focus on each individual client because what you need is very different from what your neighbour needs,” Michelle explains.

Questions? Ask!: Needless to say, education is a key component of Michelle’s approach, true whether you’re opening your first RRSP with $25 monthly contributions or a recent retiree wondering how to approach your financial future.

“There are so many life goals and milestones, and I always want clients to feel comfortable asking questions. People can feel intimidated, but I want them to know they have a friendly place to come to ask those questions,” Michelle says.

Check in for a check-up: And that points to the need for a regular “check-up” with your planner, Michelle notes.

“Life changes all the time and your financial plan has to change with it. It’s like getting your car serviced – it helps ensure you’re still on track, and offers a chance to look and any new products and services that have come out.”

The diversity of those differences is exactly what Michelle loves about her profession, especially with a full-service firm like AV Financial.

“I enjoy being able to really focus on helping people reach their goals. With the real community-based team approach we have here, we have the flexibility to focus on the full financial planning picture and helping clients to their best with their money.”

To learn more, visit Michelle and the AV Financial team at 4855 Johnston Rd. in Port Alberni or online at