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Montreal mayor backs plan he says calls for structural reforms to police force

Report calls for police reforms: Coderre

MONTREAL — Quebec's public security minister and the mayor of Montreal are backing a plan meant to restore public confidence in the city's police force.

The minister, Martin Coiteux, and Mayor Denis Coderre say they are satisfied with the report submitted by Montreal police Chief Philippe Pichet.

The report, which was commissioned to address allegations of corruption and wrongdoing in the force, is expected to be made public this week.

The province said last month it was broadening its investigation into the allegations after receiving new information that suggested there were "systemic issues," particularly with the force's internal investigations practices.

The announcement came days after two former organized crime investigators with the Montreal police alleged members of the force's internal affairs department embellish or fabricate evidence against lower-ranking officers who fall out of favour.

An administrative probe into the allegations is also in the works.

At a news conference Sunday, Coderre described Pichet's plan as "extremely serious," and suggested it involved structural reforms to tackle allegations that the force is split into factions.

The Canadian Press