RCMP says it plans to review sexual assault cases from last year

RCMP to review sexual assault cases

OTTAWA — The RCMP says it will review sexual assault cases that were labelled unfounded in 2016 for compliance with police policy and appropriate decision-making.

In a statement today, the national police force says it will also look at a sample of historical cases.

The moves follow a report by the Globe and Mail that the newspaper says exposed deep flaws in the way investigators treat sexual assault allegations.

The RCMP says investigations can be challenging and complex in determining the specific circumstances of an assault allegation, and in identifying and preserving evidence.

The Mounties say they recently updated their national policy on sexual offences, and that it will soon be published as part of the force’s operations manual.

They add that if the review identifies gaps in how sexual assaults are investigated, the RCMP will look at more cases and consider whether further policy updates â€” or additional training — are required.

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