Alberni city election: Douglas responds to critical question

Alberni mayoral candidate John Douglas answers to why he's assertive now and wasn't over the past three years.

The News puts critical questions to candidates in the civic election. This week, we talked to John Douglas. Nest week, we pin the candidates down with another critical question.

Question: You’re more assertive now than you have been in the last three years. Why weren’t you more assertive as a councillor?

John Douglas: Firstly, I had a steep learning curve to climb when I became a councillor and I couldn’t imagine becoming mayor without that curve. I see a lack of assertiveness on council.

Secondly, I may have been perceived that way but we worked as a team in council and spoke through one voice.

And it may be that the media is just listening a lot closer to me now than before. It’s a balance between assertiveness and working together while respecting each others’ opinions.

I may not have spoken out loudly then, but now is the time to be heard and make it heard what direction we want to go in.