Port Alberni City Hall, home of city council chambers. NEWS FILE PHOTO

Port Alberni City Hall, home of city council chambers. NEWS FILE PHOTO

Alberni residents petition for walkway

Process is needed for council requests: Sharie Minions

A new sidewalk has been constructed along Compton Road outside of Neill Elementary School, but a few residents are petitioning for a walkway along Grandview Road from Otter Place down to Compton Road.

This is not the first time the walkway has been requested, as residents also came to council last year with the same request. This time, city council decided to add it to their 2018-2022 Five Year Financial Plan budget process during a Tuesday, Oct. 10 meeting of council.

Councillor Sharie Minions, who did not support the Compton Road sidewalk, expressed her disapproval of the motion.

“They sound like very valid concerns,” she said. “I’m sure Grandview Road needs a sidewalk, but I think there are a lot of roads that are busy walking roads that also need sidewalks.”

She did not like the idea of making decisions based on who brings their concerns forward to council.

“It doesn’t feel like a responsible way to make decisions,” she said. “Certainly we can bring it forward to budget again next year, but I know I won’t support it again unless we get to the point where we have an actual process for assessing the concerns when the come forward. Maybe we should have a master plan in place.”

Other councillors agreed that a process is probably needed for agenda items like this, but the Grandview Road walkway will be discussed further during budget time.


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