Boaters saved at China Creek Marina

Boaters saved at China Creek Marina

Bystanders came to a man’s aid after he jumped in the water to keep his boat from hitting rocks

A few locals jumped to the rescue last Tuesday afternoon when a couples’ boat ended up stranded at the breakwater in China Creek Marina.

The vessel had engine troubles and ended up against the breakwater in China Creek against the rocks, according to Ron Kyle, operations manager at the Port Alberni Port Authority.

Kyle said the man jumped out of the vessel and ended up to his chest in the water trying to keep his boat away from the rocks.

A tug boat was nearby and was able to assist in pulling the vessel back to the shore, but by this point the man was hypothermic from spending so much time in the water.

“The gentleman had basically collapsed and had lost feeling in his legs,” said Kyle.

The tug boat operator, a few local campers and Kyle, who was on scene, attended to the gentleman. He was wrapped up in blankets and sleeping bags while they waited for the ambulance to arrive and take him to West Coast General Hospital.

“Since then, he’s been in, he’s doing great,” said Kyle. “There’s no sad story.”

A search and rescue crew was called in, but Kyle said that everyone on scene felt comfortable getting him up off the rocks and getting him to the hospital.