City councillor Jack McLeman asks for support for McLean Mill

Train track maintenance delayed further by another snowfall

City council needs to be more positive when it comes to discussions on the McLean Mill Society, says Councillor Jack McLeman.

“We had a long debate on what can and cannot still be done,” said McLeman, who is the city’s liaison on the newly formed board. “Unfortunately, because of delays passing the budget and delays getting the inspection on the railroad, they’ve already lost the revenue from Easter because that’s had to be cancelled.”

An inspection of the train tracks was scheduled for last Friday to determine what repairs needed to be done to get the train up and running, but an unexpected snowfall delayed them even further.

“It’s a difficulty getting the inspector back, it’s going to cost about $3000,” admitted McLeman.

Council accepted the Society’s offer to pay for the track inspection to occur this week.

McLeman said, “There’s several groups, commercial and personal families, who have rented the mill and paid money in advance. Because of what they’re hearing on Facebook and what they’re hearing in the media, they don’t think it’s gonna run.”

He also said there have been some thefts at the mill site, which has led to changing of locks.

“I think we should as council be a bit more positive,” he went on.

“They’re frustrated, and I guess they feel that they really worked hard on their budget.

“They don’t know how they can do it for less.

“So we’ll see what happens next Monday, and hopefully after that we can get them going.”

Council will be discussing a funding request from the mill society at a budget meeting on Monday, March 20, 6 p.m. in council chambers at city hall on Argyle Street.