Compliance Coal withdraw Raven Underground Project application

Compliance Coal has withdrawn their second Raven Coal Project application from the Environmental Assessment Office screening process

  • Mar. 4, 2015 6:00 a.m.

Compliance Coal has withdrawn their second Raven Underground Coal Project application from the provincial Environmental Assessment Office screening process.

According to a letter to the EAO from Compliance Coal president and COO Stephen Ellis, Compliance Coal has “received some misinformation that is circulating in some communities regarding the Rave Project and believe that is appropriate that we withdraw the project from the screening process at this time.”

Ellis’ letter went on to say that with the $20 million that have already been spent on the environmental evaluation of the project, he remains “confident that all the regulatory requirements have been met.”

Added to that $20 million is the $112,500 in assessment fees to be paid to the EAO by March 4.

Jane Armstrong, member of the city’s select committee set up to provide input on the latest Raven Coal environmental review process, said that the committee “stands behind the report that we presented to city council around the issues that we felt Compliance Coal had not yet addressed sufficiently in their application.”

If Compliance Coal chooses to reapply, Armstrong said that the committee would look over the new application and make their judgement of it then.”