Dated boiler breaks down at Alberni’s EJ Dunn MIddle School

School District 70 is going to have to draw down its small annual facilities grant by $30,000 to pay for a dated boiler that broke down at EJ Dunn Middle School.

A broken-down boiler at EJ Dunn Middle School will cost more than $30,000 to replace, School District 70 secretary treasurer Jerry Linning said.

The failed boiler is the smaller of EJ Dunn’s two boilers, and heats the gymnasium annex, he said.

The breakdown happened early in the week of March 1.

District officials have installed large electric heaters in the building so it isn’t completely without heat.

“It’s obviously not as good as having a boiler though,” Linning said.

The new boiler will cost approximately $30,000 to replace and will be underwritten with money from the annual facilities grant, Linning said.

“We’ve already used some of that money to replace the boiler at Gill School, and a part for the boiler at ADSS,” he said.

The EJ Dunn boiler was installed in 1997 and that model is no longer manufactured.

While a suitable replacement is being ordered from Ontario some prep work has to be done at Dunn before its arrival.

“The heating system is going to have to be re-engineered before it’s installed,” Linning said.

A boiler at ADSS broke down last month and a part had to be replaced.

That boiler model was no longer manufactured either, but a replacement part was eventually found in England.

With the new high school on the horizon the fix was temporary, Linning said.

“We don’t intend to replace any major parts in that system.”