Life at sea in Alberni

Midshipman (NL) Nick Veller

Midshipman (NL) Nick Veller

Members of the Navy League cadet corps got a taste of life on the water last weekend during the corps’ annual shorekeepers’ weekend.

The two-day camping trip, at China Creek Marina and Campground, is an introduction to the corps’ sailboat, the C-Mist.

Cadets were taken in small groups to the sailboat out in Alberni Inlet, and learned the proper procedure to transfer from a power boat to the sailing vessel.

“They’re not allowed to do much on the sailboat because they don’t know much yet,” commanding officer Lt. (NL) Theresa Herzog said.

In the past the cadets as part of this training weekend would section off a portion of the beach at low tide and recorded what sea life they could see. It was part of a shorekeepers’ program.

However, Fisheries and Oceans Canada has ceased the program, civilian instructor Todd Flaro said.

The cadets still went to the beach and made their own observations at low tide, Saturday night.