No trucks on Third Avenue: Alemany

Old debate over trucks on Third Ave. rears its head with new council.

The debate over a new truck route around rather than through Port Alberni reared its head at city council again last week.

“There’s already been lots of complaints in the past about logging trucks going through the area,” said Coun. Chris Alemany, adding that he believes there’s been a recent increase in truck traffic through the area.

According to Alemany, that doesn’t make for a very inviting Uptown area.

“From a perspective of safety and trying to encourage people to go into Uptown… it would be really good if we could at least encourage companies to take alternate routes when they’re going up to Ship Creek. There are other ways to do that.”

This is not the first time Alemany has expressed concern; he wrote a letter on the topic to the previous city council in 2012.

In the longer term, Alemany would like to see city staff come up with an official alternate truck route, though he doesn’t have one in mind yet.

“There should be some public input into it but I think there are a number of routes.”

Staff were directed to review truck route options and encourage trucking companies to use alternate routes.