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Port Alberni cannabis operation issued temporary permit

Production still more than a year away



City council has agreed to consider issuing a temporary use permit to a commercial cannabis production operation as the proponent seeks federal approval.

Mayor and council instructed staff Monday to approve the consideration of issuing the three-year permit to Aaron Brevick, who intends to open a cannabis micro-cultivation and micro-processing facility at 5119 Athol St.

Mayor Sharie Minions explained that the permit is intended to strike a compromise for the proposal, at risk of failing should it fail to meet federal requirements. The production facility’s status was delayed as the city first dealt with retail cannabis operations following legalization, she explained.

Brevick said Health Canada requires cannabis facilities to be completed before it will allow an application. The proponent doesn’t expect federal approval until fall 2020, meaning that production would be more than a year away.

The permit limits hours of operation and requires ventilation to meet federal standards.

Brevick said the permit will allow him to start the application process and attract investors.

The process to consider a TUP is legislated by the Local Government Act and involves giving public notice before making a final decision. Public notice will be sent out sometime in the next week. All feedback is shared at a future meeting of council, at which point council will either approve or reject the application.