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Port Alberni city council candidate throws hat into regional district ring too

No B.C. law saying one person cannot sit on two separate councils
Cindy Solda, left, incumbent candidate for the City of Port Alberni, receives the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee medal from Penny Cote during an Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District meeting in early 2013. (PHOTO COURTESY SOLDA)

An incumbent city council candidate has decided to throw her hat into the ring for the Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District too.

The decision has raised some questions from Alberni Valley residents, who are wondering whether someone can sit on both councils at the same time.

Cindy Solda has served six terms as a councillor for the City of Port Alberni. A resident of Beaver Creek for the past year, Solda decided to put her name forward after current director John McNabb announced his retirement. Solda and Susan Roth are both running for a seat in Area E (Beaver Creek).

“I grew up a Beaver Creeker,” said Solda. “The city’s always been my passion; I wanted to do more. I was asked if I would consider [running for ACRD],” she added. Solda lived in Beaver Creek until she was 10 years old before her family moved into the city. She and her husband moved to Beaver Creek a year ago, and she still has two places within city limits, she said.

While serving for the city Solda spent four years as chair of the ACRD (the city appoints two representatives to the ACRD board of directors).

“I know I can do both, and I’m legally allowed to do both.”

There is precedent in the Alberni Valley for someone running for both the city and a regional district seat, Solda said. Penny Cote, who is the incumbent for ACRD Area D (Sproat Lake), ran for both two elections ago. She was only successful in gaining a seat on the regional district.

Solda received the required number of nominators for each position and was recently confirmed as a candidate in both the city and Area E.

Under the Local Government Act a person may not hold more than one elected office in the same local government. The City of Port Alberni and ACRD are considered two different local governments. The city has two appointed representatives that sit on the ACRD board of directors.

Should Solda be elected in both places, she would not be permitted to hold either one of these positions as a city council member, nor would be be permitted to be an alternate for the city on the ACRD board.

A full list of candidates running in the election and those who have been acclaimed can be found at

The election takes place on Saturday, Oct. 15, 2022, between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Advanced polls are being held on Wednesday, October 5 and 12, 2022. All qualified electors can vote by mail in the 2022 General Local Election. Electors who want to take advantage of this option must submit an application to vote by mail (available on the ACRD website).

A full list of voting locations and more information on voting by mail can be found at

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