Port Alberni mayoral candidate and incumbent John Douglas.

Port Alberni mayoral candidate and incumbent John Douglas.

Profile: Port Alberni mayoral candidate John Douglas (incumbent)

City of Port Alberni: John Douglas - Mayoral candidate (incumbent)

  • Oct. 22, 2014 8:00 p.m.

Thank you for considering me for re-election as your mayor of Port Alberni. I have enjoyed the last term working with our city council, developing a plan which can improve our sustainability for future generations.

Much of this term has been devoted to establishing a higher and more positive profile for Port Alberni; establishing relationships with  other communities; with the provincial government; with the federal government; with big and local businesses.

The first term has been devoted to new initiatives, such as spearheading the Port Alberni Trans Shipment Hub project; supporting the LNG proposal for Sarita Bay; embracing any environmental concerns; inviting and supporting marine industry initiatives; lobbying for improved transportation corridors in highways, railways and air; last but not least, spearheading the concept of Port Alberni as a regional and international distribution hub for Vancouver Island in the decades to come.

With all of this the aim has been to bring jobs, education, training and growth to our region, thereby increasing our population, increasing our tax base, making taxes more sustainable. Ensuring Port Alberni is a community where industry and liveability go hand in hand, side by side, is a priority in all of this plan.

I have learned a great deal while having the privilege to serve as mayor. I have been travelling along a very steep learning curve; now it is time to move forward. We need to step forward now, not years from now, with well placed confidence and teamwork,  not uncertainty.

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