Lt. Michelle Cale of the Salvation Army

Lt. Michelle Cale of the Salvation Army

Salvation Army on Argyle is soon to open

The two Salvation Army locations will be housed together in the Argyle Street building

It has been a long process, but all the work happening behind the scenes at the former post office on Argyle Street will soon be complete and ready to welcome the first tenant.

Work on the main floor of the Libberock building, as it has been named, expects to be wrapped up by Monday, March 6 with a soft opening of the Salvation Army.

On Saturday, Feb. 25, the doors of the organization’s thrift store on the top of Third Avenue closed to give staff time to make the transition. A big week-and-a-half long sale helped clear out much of the stock.

“We had a good response to the sale and had a lot of people in the community come check it out,” said Lt. Michelle Cale. “It created a bit of a buzz. We will be moving the merchandise over and getting it set up. The team at the Redford Street location will work with donations and all other operations will continue there for now.”

The thrift shop will be one part of the entire organization that will go from two locations to being housed together. It will have a separate entrance from the church and all other services off Fourth Avenue, along with a donation bay.

Cale said the donation drop-off process will be more user-friendly for donors.

“People will be able drive their cars right up to the loading bay and staff will be there to help unload,” she said. “It will be more efficient throughout the day for operations.”

The public can also bring items up until closing at 5 p.m., whereas the Redford depot was open only until 4 p.m.

With the transition ongoing, there has been a stock pile of items waiting to be merchandised, so Cale said the opening will include a lot of new products.

The next couple of weeks will be dedicated to finishing the interior details, like painting the walls, installing shelves, and completing a waterfall display.

“Once the ceiling tiles go in, the baseboards are on, and the doors hung, we’ll be ready,” said project manager, Michael Sutherland. “Anyone who does construction knows the finishing is just minimal.”

He said he enjoyed working with Cale and her staff.

“Getting to this stage has been amazing,” Cale said. “Right from our beginning conversations to what we have now.

If all goes as planned, the first service of the church will take place on March 12.