Video helps Alberni kids get Street Smart

Street smart Kidz official Steven Baird accepted a $1

Street smart Kidz official Steven Baird accepted a $1

Teens in trouble with the law will get a glimpse of what awaits them in the future, thanks to a donation by Port Alberni Kinsmen.

Comox resident Steven Baird was in Port Alberni on May 17 to accept the $1,500 donation from the Kinsmen.

“The Port Alberni Kinsmen have always supported us and we’re thankful for that,” Baird said.

Baird is the driving force behind Street Smart Kidz, an organization whose goal is to empower kids to be able to think their way through dangerous situations.

Baird and some members of his family are survivors of sexual abuse.

“I want to help give kids what they need to avoid situations that I was in once,” he said.

The $1,500 donation will go towards the production of videos titled Now That You’ve Been Arrested.

The three-part series will examine what children and teens can expect once they’ve been arrested for a crime.

The video will chronicle the arrest, fingerprinting, cell and parents picking up their child from jail.

But it will also examine the court process, fine and community service afterward.

“We want to show children what’s in store for them should they make the decision to do something they’re not supposed to do and the police get involved,” Baird said.

The video will also show how getting involved on the wrong side of the law can resonate beyond the police and courts.

“If mom and dad are going on vacation outside of Canada you can’t go because you have a criminal record,” he said.

That record might affect a person’s employment while they are a teen as well, Baird added.

The video is expected to take three weeks to produce and will be released on the organization’s webpage as well as on YouTube when it’s finished.

Baird was in the Valley last week to thank the Kinsmen for supporting Street Smart Kidz.