James Douglas “Jim” Squire

August 31, 1943 – October 3, 2019
On October 3rd, Jim quietly departed this life. He leaves behind his 2 children, Jamie and Christine, his sisters Carol and Gail, brother Patrick, 4 grandchildren, and old friends. Living on 7th Avenue in Port Alberni, Jim first attended Redford Elementary, then ADHS high school. In his teen years, and early 20s, he could often be found attending dances at Nordley’s Centre or playing “Kelly” (a form of 8 ball for gambling) with his friends at Bill’s pool hall on 3rd Avenue. He had his own pool cue with mother- of-pearl inlaid handle. He wasn’t the best, but he was a good shot. Other places included Martin’s Cafe on Argyle Street for fries and a coke (there was always a coke at hand) and playing the juke box’s latest tunes or late nights at The Lantern Inn. Jim ran the family car into a ditch a few hours after getting his license at 16. Jim was smart and talented, but life put temptations in his way that he couldn’t resist. For the first half or more of his life, he struggled with serious problems causing harm to himself and hurt to partners, family, and friends. On occasion, provincial authorities provided him with free room and board. Jim’s wandering path did not include regular career choices or business interests. His good looks and charm carried him a long way. He tended to be a night owl, which served him well as a cab driver and operating a social club in Vancouver. There came a point where he confronted his demons and pulled back from his earlier lifestyle. To say the least, he wasn’t a conventional father, but he had 2 wonderful kids. He slowly developed a new bond he had missed before, and got to see 4 grandchildren become part of his life. He learned to deal with his various health issues, living quietly with his cat ‘Tiger’. Lately, a neighbourhood squirrel would come to visit, and was there with everyone on his last day. Jim once said he had to believe in forgiveness, which we all do for things big and small. As a commemorative, buy some flowers for yourself, or give them to a friend or lover. Share a glass of wine or tea. Call someone you haven’t talked to in a while. Tell people how important they are…saying, “I love you” is not that hard. We often put things off too long and one day there is no tomorrow.
All the best to everyone.
Pat Squire
126 Howard Avenue, Nanaimo BC, V9R 3R1

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