Alberni can’t rely on outside aid

If the army can't help Alberni in the event of a disaster then the city and region better have a plan when it hits, one reader says.

To the Editor,

Re: Military aid in Alberni will have to wait after tsunami,, March 13.

Surely this is a wake-up call for the leaders of our community to immediately start implementing plans for disaster self-sufficiency in this Valley.

We could have the resources to be able to survive but we need to be organized to help each other—depending on individuals is not enough. Stockpiles of fuel, medicine and food should be arranged, with systems for distribution and security practised.

The extent of the isolation we will experience in the event of the ‘Big One’ was only hinted at in the chief’s  comments. We must be able to look after ourselves for much longer.

Trevor Jackson,

Port Alberni