Bill C-51 vital to Canada: MP

The need for this legislation has been tragically highlighted by events around the world, says MP James Lunney.

To the Editor,

Re : C-51 ‘extremely dangerous’ bill, Letters, March 26.

A recent letter by Dan Cebuliak regarding the new Anti-terrorism Act, is replete with misinformation on this issue.

The need for this legislation has been tragically highlighted by events around the world, from France to Australia to Canada.

ISIS and its members have declared war on Canada. They have specifically targeted us, urging supporters to attack “disbelieving Canadians in any manner” and vowing that we will not feel secure even in our homes. That’s why we are introducing a series of measures that will help prevent terrorism.

ISIS is spreading terror throughout the Middle East through a “convert, flee or die ultimatum”. People have been subjected to a brutal and barbaric campaign of sexual violence, murder, and intimidation.

Our proposed legislation will criminalize the promotion of terrorist attacks, giving law enforcement an additional tool to counter radicalization and recruitment. Presently, the ability to arrest someone who is, in general terms, advocating or promoting the activity of terrorism does not exist.

Currently, the threshold for arrest in the Criminal Code is specific to someone who knowingly instructs, directly or indirectly, any person to carry out a terrorist activity.

The bill will give our courts the ability to order the removal of online terrorist propaganda when hosted in Canada, disrupt terrorist plots before they can be carried out and share information across federal agencies and departments.

We reject the argument that every time we talk about security, our freedoms are threatened. Most Canadians understand that their freedom and security go hand in hand and they expect us to protect both. There are safeguards in this legislation to do exactly that.

James Lunney, MP