Bread of Life the better for Sjoholm

The Bread of Life in Alberni were lucky to have had Cindy Sjoholm their executive director.

To the Editor,

I want to express a public thank you to Cindy Sjoholm for the many years she successfully ran the Bread of Life.

And by successfully, I mean enhanced the lives of hundreds of people.

More than just providing nutrition, Cindy empowered, encouraged and at times defended the BOL patrons.

I am a physician who does a clinic at the BOL most Fridays for the past six years.

I have witnessed Cindy achieve remarkable results.

She provided leadership, mentorship, and guidance with compassion, strength and fairness.

The high regard and respect awarded to Cindy by the BOL patrons was earned through clemency and justness.

Cindy had a finger on the pulse of the BOL, and if the beat fluttered or skipped a beat, her experience and credibility with the patrons frequently saved the day.

The Bread of Life, and Port Alberni, were lucky to have her as executive director for all those years, and I wish her the best in the future.

Dr . Shane Longman

Port Alberni