City needs jobs not negativity

Alberni city council hopeful 'weathers' writers storm.

To the Editor,

Re: Foresight for foreshore, Letters, April 17.

It seems someone has bought into Chris Alemany’s negative rants.

Alemany seems to think he’s a weather expert as well as an expert in rail transport, and coal too.

It must be known that rail to Port Alberni is dead. I have  lived in Nanaimo for 35 years; rail on the Island operated the Dayliner from Victoria to Courtenay. This train killed many people as well as pets and livestock yearly.

The fact is, no one rode on the Dayliner: that’s why passenger service was cancelled.

As well, Mr. Alemany loves to talk global warming: something he knows nothing about. This planet has been going through cycles of temperature since man could count to five.

Does he have any education in meteorology? Or is he paid to preach his doom and gloom theories?

I’d like to know what makes him an expert on coal. Coal built every town on the east coast of the Island. Seafood is being  harvested where there were coal mines nearby in the past.

Port Alberni needs good paying jobs for the next generation.

Ted Schulz,

Port Alberni