Coal job prospects in Alberni mispalced

To the Editor, Although I was not privileged to hear (city councillor Cindy) Solda’s CBC interview, I have heard that she expressed enthusiasm for the many jobs that would be in Port Alberni’s future once Raven Mines was established and would be using the local port’s facilities to ship their product.

Unfortunately, I believe that Ms. Solda’s script is not the same one that’s in use by Raven Mines. Theirs was written in October 2010 by their consultants, Pincock Allen & Holt, and included an estimate for a total of 21 Port jobs.

Perhaps Ms. Solda has a more reliable and accurate source with which to substantiate the claims she made during her CBC interview. If this is the case she might want to contact the Port Alberni and District Labour Council and discuss the many advantages that she perceives with the introduction of coal shipment through Port Alberni.

The writer of this letter has a copy of the above report on file in the event she wishes to re-evaluate her findings.

David Stern,

Port Alberni