Days of ‘secret cabinet’ must stop

To the Editor,

The federal election campaigns so far have focused on spending promises for specific areas and interest groups. That’s fine, but it’s not why the election was called.

The election was called because a majority of the members of parliament judged the prime minister and cabinet to be in contempt of parliament.

International Co-operation Minister Bev Oda interfered with a foreign aid application, then attempted to spin tall tales around it.

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty preferred to keep details of the numbers behind his budget close to his chest, rather than sharing them with the members of parliament at large. He claimed the budget was set in stone, although in three weeks he has come up with a new set of numbers.

It’s interesting that senior civil servants are asked to refer to ‘The Harper Government’ instead of ‘The Government of Canada.’ Stephen Harper tries to deflect attention from himself and his cronies, by accusing the other parties of any manner of things. They will bankrupt the country. They are part of a formal grand coalition, whereas only Conservatives can form a government.

It’s all in Mr. Harper’s mind. He has presided over the most secretive cabinet in living memory, and its shelf life must by now be used up.

Colin Frazer,

Port Alberni