Do Alberni’s votes fall to lowest bidder?

If you have to be qualified for a trade then you should also be qualified to be an Alberni city councillor, one reader says.

To the Editor,

Insurance companies and government regulators state electrical work and inspections must be done by qualified tradesmen.

If Port Alberni will take a chance on an untried candidate for top city job—and there is no shortage of contenders for council—should voters as employers contract out these positions to the lowest bidders, just as our navy has done with shipbuilding?

If we entrust ships, bridges and buildings to this bidding process, should corporate boards of directors do likewise in hiring CEOs?

Are there qualified experienced executives that will do the top ferry job for less?

As former NDP Alex McDonald said about public servants, “Can they not do it for less?”

Ah, what the hell do I know, I packed a lunch bucket for 30 years and don’t qualify for an indexed pension nor a dental plan that my taxes so generously provide government.

R. Frankow,

Port Alberni