EDITORIAL: A time for generosity

Support is needed for those affected by recent weather disasters

Some parts of the province have experienced the forces of unprecedented storms and rainfall during recent atmospheric river events.

These events have come just days before the start of the holiday season.

Although Port Alberni was spared from most of the rain and flooding, we have family members and friends in other parts of the province who have been affected. For them, the celebrations will not and cannot be the same as in past years.

Some have been displaced from their homes and communities because of floods and extreme weather conditions. Farms and other properties are underwater, and road access has been blocked because of flooding and landslides. Rebuilding and recovering from the damage will be a long and difficult process.

The holiday season is often seen as a time to show generosity and care for others. Food drives and gift drives are part of this spirit of giving, and each year British Columbians show their generosity in supporting these initiatives.

The Canadian Red Cross is currently collecting donations to help with the British Columbia floods. Other charitable organizations, including the BC SPCA and Salvation Army, are collecting money and other donations to provide assistance during this time.

GoFundMe has also set up a centralized hub for verified fundraisers for B.C. flooding victims, which can be found at by searching for “How to Help Those Affected by BC Flooding” at www.gofundme.com.

Many individuals and organizations have already stepped up to donate money and supplies to help those affected. Others are preparing to make donations.

People close to us have lost much. They are in need of our help right now.

Our responses in assisting those devastated by the recent weather events may bring a new meaning to the concept of generosity and compassion at this time of year.

– Black Press

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