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EDITORIAL: Check your speed in school zones

It’s that time of the year again to pay attention with classes back in session

Back to school marks a kind of unofficial end of summer.

Even though there’s still actually two more weeks remaining, the season to many for all intents and purposes is over as families get back into whatever their normal routines were before classes for the 2022-23 school year came to a close in June.

Changes are often part of the territory at this time of the year, but with the return to more structure around the community, it also requires an education for the public. For those without school-age children or grandchildren, it’s amazing how oblivious residents can be with what’s going on around them.

The typical Facebook posts will crop up from those who never seem to keep themselves in the know, wondering when kids are returning to the classroom.

There is never anything new about the date when kids go back to school. It’s always on the Tuesday after Labour Day, with a gradual or slow approach the first week with the younger students first before the older grades return.

At the same time, drivers have to get back into the habit of paying attention to the school zone speed limit signs again and that’s always an adventure in the first week, especially those aforementioned folks who have no idea what’s going on with schools.

Far too many incidents happen at communities around the province in school zones. Slowing down for a few moments isn’t going to kill anyone.

— Black Press

Don Bodger

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