Gadhafi’s death feeds theorists

Gadhafi's death created a gong show, one reader says.

To the Editor,

Finding out how Moammar Gadhafi died has created quite a media circus given the before-and-after videos.

Just think about the endless number of headlines there might have been if “Mad Dog Moammar” had lived to open up his Pandora’s box of secrets in a court room. His performance might have turned into the greatest show on earth and may have made the recent WikiLeaks hullabaloo look like a Punch and Judy puppet show.

If you are dying for more news about Moammar, don’t worry. The conspiracy theorists will already be hard at work writing their books.

Oh dear, was that a CIA agent holding Moammar’s gold-plated gun? Sorry, too much smoke and too many mirrors to say for sure.

Lloyd Atkins,