Lady Rose leaves Alberni while junky ferry stays

To the Editor,

While one leaves the other remains.

Soon the “Lady” (MV Lady Rose) will travel down the inlet for the last time. It’s sad to see the era of the Lady Rose end. For many fishermen or visitors to Harbour Quay, a wave from passengers on board was an enjoyable summertime ritual.

But retirement brings new opportunities. The Lady will soon have a new job Tofino.

Remaining on our waterfront, in all its ugliness for boaters or visitors to see is the rusting old B.C. Ferries vessel. For how much longer will this eyesore remain with us?

At last year’s Port Alberni Port Authority annual general meeting the status of the ferry was questioned. We were told it would be gone later last summer. Were moorage fees were being paid? Yes, they said.

A year later it still remains. And whether moorage fees are still being paid or not, I don’t know.

Regardless, this is not just a Port Authority problem anymore. It’s also a community problem. And the real problem is, what do we do with this eyesore should the owner simply abandon it?

Has this already happened? Do we have a squatter in our harbour? I don’t know, but the Port Authority knows.

It’s time that this rusting piece of junk was dealt with. And it’s time that we were updated on it’s status—present and future.

T. Lyman Jardin,

Port Alberni