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LETTER: Alternative Port Alberni-Comox route touted

So many say to go with the Horne Lake trail…
A Highway 4 detour has been opened between Port Alberni and Lake Cowichan via Bamfield Main while work is being conducted at Cameron Bluffs. (PHOTO COURTESY BC MINISTRY OF TRANSPORTATION AND INFRASTRUCTURE)

To the Editor,

I am dumbfounded in the vision of Port Alberni, the province, and other groups suggesting having an alternate route via Horne Lake.

So many say to go with the Horne Lake trail as an alternate: our mayor, our elders, and our spoken advocates. I have to say they all are wrong. We have a wonderful route if the people in control could only analyze and realize the economic benefits.

If politicians like MLAs, MPs, city councils and other powers that be could actually visualize the route and potential economic benefits we could have a win-win for all parties involved.

A road exists between Great Central Lake and the end of Beaver Creek (follow the Beaufort Range) it actually intersects across from Sproat Lake Provincial Park area and travels towards Great Central before following through on Ash Main to Comox Main. The route comes out at Comox Lake and enters the Cumberland area which leads to the Inland Island Highway, Courtenay and Comox. I am sure the kilometres involved are minor and a much more enjoyable route than the suggested Horne Lake route.

If the current government or future government wants to focus on tourism as the saviour, they need to be focusing on putting through the road from Cumberland to Sproat Lake. This could be the greatest and newest route to opening up the mid-Island and west coast.

Here you have Comox with the airport facilities, the region offers so much for Port Alberni residents in services from a hospital, to big-box retail offerings. A route from Comox to Port Alberni and on to the west coast, Tofino and Ucluelet—even access to Bamfield—only makes sense.

Politicians are looking for a short-term fix for an alternate route. If we, the public, are to be smart we should be looking to the future and an alternative route to help increase the economic impact and provide benefits to all communities involved. If our powers that be could actually make a proactive decision that works today and for the future, this is it.

Darren Johnston,

via e-mail