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LETTER: Bad behaviour of one person mars Toy Run trip for visiting couple

My wife and I are here for our third time to attend the Port Alberni Toy Run…

To the Editor,

My wife and I are here for our third time to attend the Port Alberni Toy Run and donate to the cause.

Unfortunately there is one individual in your beautiful city that seems to be quite angry. In the past, every single person we encountered including on the parade route was just wonderful and welcomed the bikers here.

While staying at our hotel we were permitted to park our motorcycle under the canopy as a courtesy. Over the weekend there (were) more motorcycles parked there.

Thank you to the hotel for being so wonderful to us.

This morning I went out to my motorcycle to retrieve something we needed. To my horror I discovered that somebody had thrown their live cigarette butt onto my seat, most likely with the intention of damaging it.

It is too bad that every city seems to have people like that living among them.

We wish this individual well and hope that someday he will overcome his issues.

To the rest of the city, you people are absolutely wonderful and we will definitely be back. Thank you to all the good citizens of Port Alberni.

Our motorcycle club made a sizeable donation to the Toy Run. We all look forward to this event every year and will continue to do so.

Dan and Marilyn Liebel,

via e-mail

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