LETTER: City of Port Alberni survey, media coverage miss crucial question

Writer says no one is asking whether public wants a quay to quay walkway

To the Editor,

I am, so far, disappointed by the media coverage of the ‘Connect the Quays’ quay to quay walkway. The statements regarding how important, and welcome, community feedback is to the City of Port Alberni is misleading at best.

The city has done a survey [now closed] which does not include the most crucial question: do we want a quay to quay walkway? Do we want to spend the additional four million dollars of our revenue on the walkway given that the “possible” grants only add up to three million dollars? Where would we rather see our tax dollars invested?

I am seeing what I consider to be blatant, arrogant manipulation of this issue. I, for one, want to see a referendum that is done honestly and includes citizen involvement as well as that of the current city council.

Lorna LeBlanc,

Port Alberni

Port Alberni