LETTER: Comparison shopping on the world level

LETTER: Comparison shopping on the world level

To the Editor,

Everyone that regards the United States as centre of the universe should google a China visit: will we then realize how insignificant we are and admit it?

China displaced more than a million people and built the world’s biggest dam. Their trains run at 160 miles/hour. Their visa policy keeps economic migrants out. China’s autocratic rule gives addicts a year to quit. Citizens can’t own guns and no school shootings are reported.

If China can placate its majority and raise their living standards, why can’t our democracy? Should Canada scrap the immigration application list and accept all queue jumpers? Should carbon tax be forced on B.C. taxpayers when our forests absorb more CO2 than we produce?

If our politicians are too politically correct or inept, should taxpayers demand a referendum to reduce our tax burden?

R. Frankow,

Port Alberni