LETTER: Is democracy the ‘least worst’ form of government?

LETTER: Is democracy the ‘least worst’ form of government?

To the Editor,

Is democracy, our “least worst” form of government, and can it be improved?

At 5 p.m. June 4 in Port Alberni, I protested against the pipeline protesters and saw many friends that I had much in common with on past issues.

We’re all fed the same delusions and just like bible belters, we differ on conclusions.

How does the other side always get it so wrong?

Must politicians be politically correct not to offend minorities because their prime directive is re-election? If Green vocal minority overrules majority national interest, do we have a democracy?

Would we be better served by a corporate model of government where the prime minister has CEO power for the political term? If they enrich shareholder voters they’re re-elected, if not the new government can reverse past administrations’ rulings.

R. Frankow,

Port Alberni