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LETTER: More focus is needed on pedestrian safety following fatality

Port Alberni streets a dangerous place if you’re not in a car, says writer

To the Editor,

Port Alberni continues to have a pedestrian safety problem.

In the June 7, 2023 issue of the paper, I was saddened to see that yet another pedestrian has been killed while crossing one of our major roads, Redford Street. This is the second pedestrian fatality on Redford this year, and one of many pedestrian or cyclist-involved accidents which have occurred over the past five years in our community.

For far too long, the convenience of driving has been prioritized over the safety of everyone else on or near a road in our community. Wide roads encourage speeding, while four-lane crosswalks with no median or traffic lights create extremely dangerous situations for pedestrians, especially those with mobility challenges.

Combine this with a lack of sidewalks or cycling infrastructure along some major roadways, and it isn’t hard to see why so many people get hurt or killed by vehicles.

It is time to fundamentally rethink how we approach and prioritize transportation in this city.

Dave Reid,

Port Alberni