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LETTER: People who deal with public should be vaccinated, says writer

I find it very upsetting to read about the number of COVID-19 cases that are arising…

To the Editor,

I find it very upsetting to read about the number of COVID-19 cases that are arising in communities, and particular the Alberni Valley. I just read about bus drivers getting COVID-19 and it brought to light another vocation that deals with the public a lot, realtors.

Are realtors all vaccinated? They are people that deal with customers, who could potentially spread the virus. I called a few real estate companies and asked that question; some of them told me that that was private information about their staff.

I feel that the more cases of COVID-19 we get, vaccination will put us closer to the end of this pandemic. Anyone that deals with the public should have to be vaccinated, along with their customers, in any profession. It has to be a mutual agreement with the public.

Everyone that does not believe that the vaccine is good for them is looking down a long, dreary road in their future. I for the life of me cannot figure out how their accomplishments in life are that important that they fail to see that having the shots are so important—that getting them against their concerns is more important than saving lives. They may be one of the fortunate that does not get sick, but the odds are against them, as has been advertised by health professionals and people that are dying in hospitals because of COVID-19.

It’s very sad.

Dave Noble,

Port Alberni

Editor’s note: Realtors are required to follow any public health orders, and have well-established COVID-19 protocols in place that include wearing masks, sanitizing hands and keeping socially distant. Individual employers may adopt their own vaccination policies, according to WorkSafe BC, but only certain health care workers in B.C. are required to be vaccinated at the moment.