LETTER: Port Alberni has good health care

I recently had to be rushed to West Coast General Hospital by paramedics in an ambulance…

To the Editor,

It has come to my attention that a growing number of us are becoming demanding and abusive toward folks providing services in our health community.

I recently had to be rushed to West Coast General Hospital by paramedics in an ambulance. They were fast, efficient and caring. The one nurse at the desk inside the emergency ward was competent and available to assist me until the doctor on call arrived. I was admitted and received two CT scans within 24-plus hours. The CT scan technician was, as always, so good at her job and so clear regarding what was expected to occur so that I felt confident during the scans.

The next morning of the weekend I was in the hospital. My GP arrived early in the morning to see me and get my information as to what had happened. Note—he was not on call. It was the weekend. I’m so grateful Dr. DeWitt is my GP.

I also had a visit from community services within a day. She had a list of services available for me and a contact number for herself. Someone from hospital physio was in my room a few hours later explaining that I would have services from her department within two weeks. She has always been amazing and we are so lucky to have her.

The nurses and LPNs were, without exception, excellent at their jobs. I regret I cannot recall the names of all who were there for me.

I wanted to take this time to state that we, in Port Alberni, have very good health care. I have to wait for a knee replacement. That is okay. It is not an emergency. However, whenever the issue has been serious and urgent, I have received fast and competent and caring attention. I am grateful to be in Port Alberni for my health care.

Lorna LeBlanc,

Port Alberni

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