LETTER: Port Alberni’s pool is a valuable asset to all

I wish to say how grateful I am to access the pool on a regular basis…

To the Editor,

Re: Echo ‘67 Pool

I wish to say how grateful I am to access the pool on a regular basis, in order to do indoor exercises during these stressful days. Having to maintain self-isolation during this pandemic is similar to solitary confinement for someone who suffers with claustrophobia.

I also wish to reiterate the words of Dr. Owen Brown, as I too “have been a regular patron of the Echo ‘67 Pool for the last 15-plus years” and also feel it has become an essential city service for both mental and physical health.

I am of the older generation; namely an octogenarian with chronic health issues. As a retired nurse I know the importance and resulting benefits of staying active and consequently staying independent; thus saving on the cost of provincial health care.

This current pandemic is definitely creating mental health problems for many, as we try to comply with restricted social activities. Going to the pool has helped me to alleviate some of that.

Therefore I wish to say thank you to the staff who have come up with an excellent and seamless plan to follow the COVID-19 guidelines.

Wilma Doxtdator,

Port Alberni

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