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LETTER: Program moves greenhouse gas emissions from one pile to another

CO2 is an essential gas for life on Earth…

To the Editor,

Re: Landfill diverts more than 150 tonnes of organics, Oct. 20, AV News

An article in the Oct. 20 paper about the landfill diverting 150 tonnes of organics in the first few weeks of the new kitchen waste collection system, notes Mayor Sharie Minions said in a press release, among other things, that diverting organics will decrease our greenhouse gas emissions. I am curious how she can make that claim.

If you divert organics to another pile, it will still be releasing the same amount of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. So how will it reduce GHG? The release of GHG by organic matter is a normal part of the cycle of nature throughout the world. CO2 is an essential gas for life on Earth.

Wayne Merk,

Port Alberni

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