LETTER: Swiss governance would never work for Canada

Canada is 24,000 times bigger in size than Switzerland…

To the Editor,

Re: Canada should take Switzerland’s lead, Letters, May 6, 2020

Mr. Rueschmann should be thankful he lives in Canada, where he can criticize the government and has the freedom to leave if he doesn’t like it here.

Canada is 24,000 times bigger in size than Switzerland and the logistics of us governing in their manner would be plain silly. Our infrastructure could not allow it. Further, they have a fairly uniform society culturally speaking, whereas Canada has the land base to be slightly more generous of spirit.

Please remember Canada is a social experiment that is re-inventing itself as we go, and we have the advantage of observing the errors of the past. Canada is not perfect and probably never will be, and as our demographics change, so will the governance.

Smile and enjoy the ride.

Ron Ross,

Port Alberni

Municipal Government

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