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LETTER: Tax relief should trump ‘luxuries’ like pools and paths, says writer

Beaver Creek resident says 15% tax increase in rural area out of touch

To the Editor,

I was shocked to see my property taxes in Beaver Creek, Electoral area “E’” increase 15 percent over the previous year. Obviously our Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District is living in a different world than the rest of us, and just like the City of Port Alberni, where elected officials voted for a pay increase next term far more than the rate of inflation.

Like a virus, regional politicians jump on the gravy train; hiring so-called independent consultants to reward the next regional board more than most of us can ever imagine in the real world, where we jump for joy from the few dollars more we get on our CPP or OAS.

We are going through likely one of the most serious financial crises we have ever had in this country, with gas prices through the roof, more than 1:4 saying they will have to sell their homes when interest rates go up, and record inflation with no end in sight. If that wasn’t bad enough, many who need urgent health care, die before they ever receive it, or if still alive can’t even find a doctor who will help them stay healthy.

City politicians spend millions on a walking path that’s totally unneeded with nature all around us and plenty of walking paths nearby. A

nd then there are others who think an aquatic centre is urgently required, when instead it is a luxury city property taxpayers can’t afford—that would saddle them with far higher property taxes for 20 years or more.

Tom Gowan,

Beaver Creek

Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District